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           Deborah Shrira,Certified Executive Officer 

       When there is sadness, I hope I can bring some laughter.
       When there is grief, I hope I offered some comfort. 
       When there is hate, I hope some love was found here.
       When there is doubt, I hope I showed you words of faith.

I would like to take the time to welcome all of our new visitors to "The Director's View."
We want each of you to know you are individually important to us. We want you to know we are here to assist you in any way we can. If you are looking to change your life, we will assist you in finding treatment to meet your special needs.  You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Most of us working here have been through what you are experiencing now. We under-stand how difficult it is to make the decision. Most all of us working are very familiar with Inpatient Rehabilitation. We realize it has worked, just as Alcoholics Anonymous, has for many people. It doesn't work for everyone. Some of us need more help. We are here
for those of you it hasn't worked for.

We believe in Medication Assisted Treatment. Many people are against it because they simply do not understand it.....  If you think you are interested in pursuing this form of treatment, then you have definitely found the people you need to talk to. We stay open
twenty-four hours every day because we do sincerely care about meeting your needs. If you can't afford to give us a telephone call, just send us an e-mail with your name and number and we will call you at our own expense at the best time for you. All calls are 

If you can afford to call, you can call us at any hour. We will assist you in every way we can. If you just need a compassionate ear while you are waiting to obtain treatment,we.  are here for you...   If you are already in treatment and you are having problems, we are here for all of you, too. We are here to listen, encourage and give you support in all your endeavors. Support is crucial to your success.  

If you can't afford to give us a call, then all we ask is
send us an e-mail.  Please leave your name and your
phone number with the best time to reach you... We
will return your call within twenty-four hours. Send us 
the information to MATDirector@aol.com.
   770-527-9119 (24/7)   770-428-0871  (24/7)    770-428-8769  (24/7)

Now, you know you are not alone and how we can be reached. You know someone cares about you. I do understand all you are experiencing.  I know just how agonizing  withdrawal can be. It is impossible for anyone to totally understand unless they have lived through it. I can't even imagine how Hell could be any worse. How about you?

If withdrawal isn't enough to keep you using, then the cravings will drive you up the wall. You think I don't understand what it is like --- I understand very well!  It is like a force has control of your brain and it is the only thing you can think of. It hounds you and will not allow you to think about anything else until you feed the insatiable beast with it's drug of choice. It is definitely a battle between good and evil and your mind is the battleground.

I know...believe me ..you need help because you are literally fighting for your life. It is very difficult to obtain help when you are physically and mentally engaged with the enemy.  Please, listen to me if any of your loved ones are dealing with substance abuse
they are going to need you.   You may have to run interference for them and obtain the help needed. I  promise you they will truly need your love and support. They are fighting an enemy many times more powerful than they are. It has nothing to do with morality.

 " I want all of you who have loved ones to read
 what I have written because I feel it is very
 important for you to understand as best you can
what they are experiencing. You need.to know
what you are up against and how best to help them."

The enemy attacks your body physically with what we call withdrawal symptoms.  How many of you are even familiar with the symptoms. I need you to understand exactly what your loved ones are dealing with and at the same time their brain is engaged in a war of it's own. It can't even produce normal thought because the craving is over riding all of the circuits.

As the time approaches. for what would have been the addict's next administration of the drug,one notices that he glances frequently in the direction of the clock and manifests a certain degree of restlessness.  If the administration is omitted, he begins to move about in a rather aimless way, failing to remain in one position long.- He is either in bed, sitting on a chair, standing up, or walking about, constantly changing from one to another.

With this restlessness, yawning soon appears, which becomes more and more violent.   At the end of a period of about eight hours, restlessness becomes marked. He will throw himself onto a bed, curl up and wrap the blankets tightly around his shoulders, some- times burying his head in the pillows. For a few minutes he will toss from side to side,  and then suddenly jump out of the bed and start to walk back and forth, bead bowed, shoulders stooping. This lasts only a few minutes.

She may then lie on the floor close to the radiator, trying to keep warm.

 Even here, she is not contented, and she either resumes her pacing about, or again throws herself onto the bed, wrapping herself under many heavy blankets. 

...... At the same time she complains bitterly of suffering with cold and then hot flashes, but mostly chills.

He breathes like a person who is cold, in short, jerky, powerful respirations.  His skin shows the characteristic pilomotor activity well known to those persons as "cold turkey." The similarity of the skin at this stage to that of a plucked turkey is striking. Coincident with this feeling of chilliness, he complains of being unable to breathe through his nose. Nasal secretion is excessive. He has a most abject appearance, but is fairly docile in his behavior. This is a picture of his appearance during the first eight hours.

Often at the end of this period the addict may become extremely, drowsy and unable to keep his eyes open.  .....If he falls asleep, which is often the case, he falls into a deep slumber well known as the "yen" sleep.  It takes unusual noises to awaken him.  The sleep may last for as long as eight or twelve hours.  On awakening, he is more restless than ever.

Lacrimination, yawning, sneezing,and chilliness are extreme. A feeling of suffoca- tion  at the back of the throat is frequently mentioned. Usually at this stage, the addict complains of cramps, locating them most frequently in the abdomen, but often in the back and lower extremities. A right rectus rigidity with pain localized over the appendical region is not uncommon; one can easily be misled in the diagnosis, since at this stage a leucocytosis is frequently present.

Vomiting and diarrhea appear.   He may vomit large quantities of bile-stained fluid.    Perspiration is excessive. The underwear and pajamas may become saturated with sweat.  Muscular twitchings are commonly present; they may occur anywhere, but are most violent in the lower extremities.

He may sit in bed with his leg flexed, grasping it tightly below the knee, fearing the twitch will suddenly throw it into a complete extension which be cannot control. ...If  he is handed a cigarette to smoke, his hands tremble so violently that he may have difficulty in placing it in his mouth. The tremor is so marked that he is unable to light it himself. He refuses all food and water, and frequently sleep is unknown from this point.

It is at this stage that he may one minute beg for a "shot" and the next minute threaten physical violence. Nothing can make him smile. - He will beat his head against the wall, or throw himself violently on the floor. - Any behavior which he thinks will bring about the administration of the drug will be resorted to.

Occasionally he may complain of diplopia (double vision).  Seminal emission in the male and orgasms in the female frequently occur. We believe that the height of these with-drawal symptoms is reached somewhere - between the period of forty-eight hours and seventy-two hours following the last dose of the drug taken.

The re-administration of the drug promptly  brings
about a dramatic change.  I want you continue on.  It should help you understand more about substance abuse.    

The patient becomes exceedingly docile almost with the puncture of the hypo-dermic needle. 

In a few minutes he begins to feel warm, and the goose flesh and perspiration are no longer visible.He speaks about a "heaviness" in his stomach  but, regards this as a welcome symptom presaging relief.

In a period ranging from thirty minutes to one hour the tremors disappear. 

He has become strong and well. He no longer walks with bowed head and stooped shoulders.

He stands erect, is quite cheerful, and begins to light his cigarette like any normal person.

 He becomes profuse in his apologies for his conduct during the abrupt withdrawal of the drug.

Now, do you have some idea of what they are dealing with?  Can you see why they can't stop using?  My purpose in life is to try to educate and help you understand exactly what is happening to them physiologically. Addiction is a disease.It can be treated and the person can live a normal life. I'm an example it can be done.  Many commit suicide because the agony is much more than they could bear.

Please, if you know your loved one is using and they end up in jail...  I beg of you not to leave them there.  Many have died from withdrawal symptoms while the nurses looked on. You would think they would take care of this and give them medication but I'm here to tell you...it is not so........  Yes, I have experienced it and I did manage to obtain my medication because my significant other knew what to do...    It opened my eyes to the
injustice existing in our world and it broke my heart into pieces to see how warped our
justice system is.

Believe me, there are physicians practicing medicine today who are totally ignorant to the fact people can die from the physical manifestations of withdrawal from opiates, alcohol and other drugs. It is no different than a Diabetic needing insulin. If you believe as some of these physicians that you can't die or if you are foolish enough to believe
your loved ones will be treated fairly in jail, then you need to grow up and open your eyes to the harsh realities existing in our world. If you would like some proof, please send me an e-mail to the address given above and I will send you documentation. .

I'm trying to reach all of you dealing with substance abuse.  We are here if you need
help with your loved ones. I realize it is not easy on any of you if you have loved ones with substance abuse problems. I"ve been there, too. Yes, I know what it is like to see the one you love destroy themselves right in front of your eyes. You are there and yet you feel totally helpless.  You have tried everything and nothing seems to work.  I know you can reach a point you just want it all to go away. Right?

It's understandable but it makes you feel guilty to even think such thoughts. I'm telling you we all have thought them. We all have reached out to them so many times and given of ourselves, we have totally drained ourselves and have nothing left to give. If you have reached the point I am talking about...it is time for you to take a break.  It is time to find a way to take some time for yourself.  You need to have people give to you. You need to take the time to restore what has been taken from you. People do it in many different ways, but find something you enjoy and get away from all of it and let God handle it. He never sleeps and is always there.  Give it to your higher power and let go.

Actually, I wrote a poem concerning my feelings during one of those times.  If you have been there and felt as I have then you will understand my words.

 Closed For Repairs   

All my life people have taken a ride on my soul.  I've tried through them to fill the emptiness inside.  "Free tokens," I advertised, cranking up my carousel machine, my heart spinning, spinning. 

An accelerated carousel with people jumping on,off and on, laughing  as they reached for the ring of my sanity... Then the machine broke...  I looked for a
mechanic to fix me, but everyone had gone.  So I closed for repairs.

You can't help them if you have blown a fuse, right?  I'm here and available if any of you need to talk..if you need information...encouragement and support. We are here for all of you. We will be more than happy to explain about methadone and other medications available to help your loved ones.  I just want to encourage all of you not to give up on them.  I hope I have helped some of you. It is what I live for. Thank you for your time.

 Deborah Shrira, Certified Executive Officer, CMA,RPH 

Take the time to read.  It could happen to any of you. There could be nothing more agonizing than withdrawal, except for...
possibly spending the remainder of my life in a jail cell. Many are dying needlessly from methadone, I'm asking you please
not to share, nor sell your methadone. ...the price you pay is too high.

Laconia, N.H. ----A man accused of selling the methadone that killed a 20--year old Laconia man has been sentenced to 15 to 40 years in prison. 

Edward Costello, his wife and his 18 year-old daughter all were arrested in October after the death of Raymond Delucca.  Costello was accused of selling methadone to a friend of Delucca's, who also has been charged. 

Under his plea agreement, Costello could have two years of his 15-year minimum  sentence suspended after serving 10 years if he completes a substance abuse treatment program. 

DeLucca was one of eight people to die of methadone overdoses in Laconia last year, prompting police to start a task force to investigate the problem. 

Copyright© The New York Times Company          23 April 2008

1.  Greatly exaggerate the size of your habit on admission and tell stories illustrating
what a huge narcotic tolerance you have.

2.  Don't tell a soul you are getting loaded on your dose, as long as you are able to walk in the next day to tell us how your dose is not holding you.

3.  Practice looking "sick" and reciting description of withdrawal signs and symptoms so you can get your dose increased.

4. If anybody finds you before you lose consciousness, tell them that you were up all night and just very tired and would they please go away to let you sleep for 8-12 hours.

Reference :  Toxicology Methadone Procedure Manual  2008©

Methadone, a medication used to overcome narcotic withdrawal effects and dependence, is found to be effective in the treatment of drug addicts in the country, said University Malaya's Medical Psychology Department head Prof Dr Mohamad Hussain Habil.

He said Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) which was introduced to drug addicts in the country since 2005, proved to be effective in overcoming heroin addiction and reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS among intravenous drug users.

"It has improved their health and quality of life. About 80 per cent of 5,000 addicts in government hospitals and clinics who have undergone MMT have been cured of their addiction," he said at a briefing to reporters to clarify apprehensions over MMT.

Dr Mohamad Hussain refuted claims that the condition of drug addicts became worse after MMT.

"Heroin addiction can cause serious mental disturbance as it affects the psychology and physiology of addicts.

"MMT has helped addicts lead a normal life, enabling them to work and socialise, besides overcoming their addiction," he said.

University Sains Malaysia's Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine deputy director Assoc Prof Dr Rusli Ismail said methadone prescription could stabilize addicts and prevent craving for heroin.

"The effects of methadone last more that 24 hours, longer than the effects of heroin and other drugs. This means that addicts who are being administered with methadone several times a day can be cured and focus their minds on recovery."

He said MMT could help reduce HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C infections among drug addicts.

Malaysian AIDS Council president Prof Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman said 75 per cent of HIV carriers in the country were drug addicts who contracted the virus through sharing of needles, but with methadone to treat their addiction, this could be curbed.

Read All 15 Comments Read All 15 Comments

Reference: http://www.bernama.com.my      Sunday, July 27, 2008

CLEARFIELD - A Patton woman was found guilty of hitting a grandmother and grand-daughter while driving under the influence of drugs .Bobbi Jo Morgan was found guilty of two counts of homicide by vehicle while DUI, two counts of aggravated assault by vehicle while DUI, two counts of involuntary manslaughter, two counts of homicide by vehicle, and two counts of involuntary manslaughter.

The verdict came in after the jury deliberated for a little more than an hour on Wednesday afternoon. As the verdict was read members of the Kitchen family wept, while Morgan appeared calm. Morgan's trial began on Tuesday morning, with testimony wrapping up before noon on Wednesday.

Witnesses testified that on July 25, Morgan ran off of state Route 35 in Mahaffey, struck and killed 63-year-old Bertha Kitchen and her 3-year-old granddaughter with her vehicle.

Morgan admitted to police that she was on her way home from a methadone clinic. Tests showed that she had methadone and diazepam in her system. 

According to Clearfield County District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr., Morgan will get a mandatory minimum of 6 years in state prison on the two counts of vehicle homicide
while DUI. He said the maximum sentence is up to the sentencing judge. "I felt we had a reasonable case going into it," said Shaw.

"It's a troubling case," said Shaw. "It's an example of the havoc that heroin is wreaking on this society." Methadone is often used to treat heroin addiction."It's a shame what happened here all around," added Shaw.

Morgan will be sentenced within 90 days and remains in Clearfield County Jail until
that time.

Reference:   Associated Press©

I just don't understand why?  It is my guess she did not have a legal prescription for both of these medications. They can be used legally together and even if she did have legal
prescriptions for both medications, she should have tried to car pool with others. I have
warned all of you over and over you must be extremely careful if you are going to take both these medications and drive.  Personally, it is my opinion if you are going to take these two medications together then, I believe you should have a "Designated Driver."

It isn't methadone killing these people but everyone wants to blame methadone.  It is people killing people ---leave the medication out of it.  Methadone saves lives if taken correctly and is one of the best medications you can obtain for pain. If you abuse it and take other medications with it then you have done it to yourself.  You should pay the price  and if you give/sell your medication to others and they die ~ you should pay for their life with your life. Why can't all of you stop and try using the medications as they should be used. Is it asking too much?  If you can't, then at least stay off the roads.

I brought these articles to your attention today hoping you will take notice.  These are only two of many. I'm sure there are many deaths occurring due to the irresponsibility of
people taking methadone. I can assure you if you are thinking about taking methadone,it is a very safe medication if you take it as directed. I would be more than happy to talk to you about it if you have any questions at all. I know it saved my life and many others I know and it is the only medication I have found to stop my pain.

I'm tired of googling methadone and every day you read of more deaths.  Come on, let's try and get it together?  If you have just started taking it then I'm hoping you will take the time to learn about the medication. § §Take the time to ask questions and never depend
totally on what your physician tells you.Most of them prescribing methadone for pain has
little or no training on the drug.  If you can't find the answers you are looking for, then we will be happy to answer them and clear up any misunderstandings you may have.

I have one last article to share with you.  It is an example of the injustice existing in our world today. It really angers me more than you will ever know. I am sure I am not alone.

Rush Limbaugh will grace the cover of this Sunday's New York Times Magazine looking as cocky and powerful as ever. With his recent $400 million radio deal and estimated 14 million listeners, Rush is one of the most powerful voices in America today.

Seeing him riding so "high" on the cover of the Times Magazine made me wonder: where would Rush be today if he had been sent to prison for a few years when he was busted in 2003 for illegally purchasing thousands of prescription painkillers, including OxyContin.

At the time of his arrest, the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) put together a controversial flash animation that asked viewers: Lock Rush Up Or Leave Him Alone For His Illegal Drug Buys?

The fast-paced flash animation graphically explained both options by juxtaposing vintage Rush statements like, drug users "should be sent up the river" with the fact that since admitting his own addiction, he's championed rehab for himself. It concludes by asking whether viewers would like to give Rush a taste of his own harsh medicine, or leave him alone.  What do you think we should have done? 

DPA was of two minds regarding Rush's fate. On the one hand, DPA's guiding principle is that people should not be punished for what they put into their own bodies, but only for crimes committed against others. According to that logic, Rush--even Rush--should be allowed to deal with his drug dependency issues privately.

On the other hand, Limbaugh is the man who scoffed at the idea that African Americans are disproportionately arrested on drug charges, and suggested that the solution should be to arrest more white people.  Perhaps the only way draconian drug laws can change is for people like Limbaugh to join other nonviolent drug offenders behind bars.

At the time of Rush's arrest we put out a call to Rush, hoping that his experiences with addiction and the drug war would encourage him to join the movement to reform our nation's harmful drug prohibition and incarceration policies. It has been five years and we are still waiting!

Tony Newman is the director of media relations at the Drug Policy Alliance.

You can read some of the comments by clicking on the high-lighted Drug Policy Alliance above. I am interested in hearing from all of you.  If you have a com-ment you would like for me to publish, please send it to me. If it had been one of us...I think we all know we would have suffered . It's definitely an unfair world and I personally don't even believe those in Washington can even relate to the average person.I would appreciate any comments on any of the subjects above. if you would send them to me at MATDirector@aol.com.  It's time to speak up!  I'm giving all of you a chance to express your opinion on any of these issues.

Until October, take care.  If you find any articles you would like for me to publish please, send them to me along with of your success stories...  You never know   whose life may be saved by reading about yours.  You, are part of our "Internet Family." '

  Deborah Shrira 2008 Copyrighted©              July - September 2008