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We welcome you to join us at "Methadone Talk."   The "Methadone Talks" will be scheduled in advance. We will posting the time in advance therefore you will be able to work it in with your schedule.

Methadone Talk 
MA/SA  Meetings To Be Announced Soon...Keep Checking!!

Attention: Methadone Maintenance Patients
Moderator: Angel Jacobi

Saturday, November 5:00 -6:00 PM     Subject: Are you satisfied with how you are treated at your Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program?What are some of the changes you would like to see initiated?  

Please click on Guest Login Link.  You need to enter a word consisting of of exactly eight characters, either letters or numbers. It will not work unless it is an exact eight characters.  You do not need a user name or password because everyone will be signing in as a Guest.  It makes it much easier for all of us but when you sign in as a Guest pick-  a name with exactly eight characters. 

Pease remember to click on the link below first and then wait to enter your eight character nick name. It will take a few minutes to load ... depending on how fast your computer is. If you have any problems, please notify Rozi at the address below.  If she can't help you with your problem then she will contact me ------ especially if it's a technical problem.   

I'm seriously hoping all of you make use of the Chats to educate yourself and /or just share with each other and try to keep each other encouraged.  

Click Below on the link and not above on Chat Now.

Guest Login Link 

If you need any information concerning "Methadone Talk" then please contact our
Moderator at

Thank you for visiting with us and we hope you will join us.

Compiled By:  Deborah Shrira,Editor          Dated:  November  2008