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Last spring, Home Box Office aired an ambitious series that touted Addiction as a"chronic and relapsing brain disease." In early July, a Time Magazine Cover Story suggested Addiction is the doing of the Neurotransmitter, Dopamine,which courses through the brain's reward circuits. .

 A full scale campaign is now under way to change the public perception of drug addiction, from a moral failing to a brain disease.

 A new bill sponsored by Senator Joe Biden, D-Delaware has changed the name of the National Institute on Drug Abuse to the National Institute on Diseases of Addiction and changed the name of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to the National Institute on Alcohol Disorders and Health.

Now, Congress is weighing in.  Called the Recognizing Addiction As a Disease Act of 2007, it explains, " The pejorative term 'abuse' used in connection with diseases of addiction has the adverse effect of increasing social stigma and personal shame, both of which are so often barriers to an individual's decision to seek treatment.

The bill proclaims," Addiction should be known as a 'Brain Disease,'  because drugs change the brain's structure and manner in which it functions. These brain changes can be long lasting, and can lead to the harmful behaviors ."

Some of you may have missed the "Home Box Office Special" and because we feel it contained up-to-date material on the latest addiction research, we believe all of you intersted should have a chance to see it. 

  Written and Compiled by:    Deborah Shrira     Dated:  January 2008