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     Address:                          2607 Ledo Road
                                            Albany, Georgia  31707

    Telephone:                      229.903.0022
    Facsimile:                        229.903.0025

    Web Address:                  CLICK HERE

    Hours of Operation:          Monday-Friday 06:00am-11:00am (Dosing)
                                             Saturday  07:00am-10:00am (Dosing)
                                             Sunday  Closed   

    Admissions:                       Monday -Friday 07:00am - 08:00am

    Manager:                           Dave Roshio
    Physician:                          Dr. William Coleman

    Daily Dose:                        $12.00 Liquid $12.50 Disks
    Intake Fee:                        $50.00
    Transfer Fee:                     $50.00
    Peak and Trough:              $50.00
    HIV Testing:                       Free

Directions To This Provider Facility:


     Address:                            209-B Swanton Way
                                              Decatur, GA  30031

    Telephone:                        404.377.7669
    Facsimile:                          404.377.8536

    Web Address:                    CLICK HERE  

    Hours of Operation:           Monday through Friday 6am to 11am (Dosing)
                                              Saturday                       7am to 10am (Dosing)
                                              Sunday                         Closed

    Manager:                          Jim Taylor, LPC, CACII 
    Physician:                         Dr. Jean Blonhomme

   Daily Dosing Fee:              $11.00  
   Intake Fee:                        No Charge  
   Transfer Fee:                     No Charge
   Peak and Trough Fee:       No Charge

Alliance Recovery Center is an adult out-patient opioid dependence treatment program offering methadone detoxification and maintenance.  Alliance Recovery Center recently instituted a Buprenorphine treatment track as well. Quality affordable treatment in  a positive environment with skilled and experienced staff is Alliance Recovery Center's Mission.  Alliance  Recovery Center offers same day admission routinely, oral HIV  testing  for  patients,  handicap  access and public train service within walking distance.  

Directions To This Provider Facility: 

    Address:                           6500 McDonough Drive, Suite B-2
                                            Norcross, Georgia  30093

    Telephone:                      770.242.7865
    Facsimile:                        770.242.7909

    Emergency:                     770.242.7865

    Web Address:                  CLICK HERE

    Hours of Operation:         Monday - Friday (06:00am - 11:30am)(Dosing)
                                            Saturday            (06:00am - 08:30am)(Dosing)
                                            Sunday              Closed 

    Manager:                        Mark Hadley
    Physician:                       Dr. Benjamin Laremont                            

    Daily Dose:                      $12.00
    Intake Fee:                      $60.00
    Transfer Fee:                   $60.00
    Peak and Trough
    HIV Testing:                      Free

Directions To This Provider Facility:

    Address:                           525 Ellis Street
                                            Augusta, Georgia  30901

   Telephone:                      706.722.3855
   Facsimile:                        706.722.5534

   Emergency:                     706.386.5122

   Web Address:                 CLICK HERE

   Hours of Operation:        Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (Dosing)
                                          06:00am-10:30am  12:00pm-01:00pm
                                         Thursday 06:00am-10:30am (Dosing)
                                         Saturday 06:00am -08:50am (Dosing)
                                         Sunday    Closed

    Manager:                     Nils Chandler 
    Physician:                    Dr. Brookes Green

    Daily Dose:                   $13.00
    Intake Fee:                   $55.00
    Transfer Fee:                $55.00
    Peak and Trough:         Free
    HIV Testing:                  Free

Directions To This Provider Facility:

    Address:                           931 S. West Street
                                            Bainbridge, Georgia 31718

    Telephone:                     229.248.4220
    Facsimile:                       229.248.4221  

    Emergency:                    877.790.0691

    Hours of Operation:       Monday   06:00am - 08:30am (Dosing)
                                          Tuesday - Friday  06:00am - 10:30am (Dosing) 
                                          Saturday   07:00am - 09:30am (Dosing) 
                                          Sunday  Closed

    Manager:                       Tina Byrd 
    Physician:                      Dr. James Higginbotham

    Daily Dose:                   $11.00 Liquid  $12.00 Disk
    Intake Fee:                   $60.00
    Transfer Fee:                $60.00
    Peak and Trough:         $50.00
    HIV Testing:                  Free

Directions To This Provider Facility:

   Address:                       8000 Miller Court East                                                                               Norcross, Georgia  

  Telephone:                   770.734.8091 or 866.497.6237

Breakthrough Addiction Recovery is conveniently located a short distance north of Interstate 285 in the Norcross/Peachtree Corners suburban area of northeast Atlanta Georgia.

Breakthrough Addiction Recovery is a medically based alcohol and drug addiction detox, intensive outpatient treatment and rehab facility. Research has proven that alcoholism and chemical dependency is medically treatable. Rather than traditional Alcoholics Anonymous style 12-step spiritually based methods, we employ clinically proven FDA approved pharmaceuticals to help in the prevention of cravings that increase the likelihood of relapse. Our programs feature the use of these pharmaceutical treatment aids in combination with cognitive behavior therapy and extensive addiction education.  Our group and individual therapy reframes the way the dependent person thinks regarding their addiction and the education on the pharmacology and physiology of addiction aids in future drug or alcohol abstinence.

Sonny Calhoun
Executive Director/Managing Partner
Breakthrough Addiction Recovery

For more information concerning the services offered and prices, please click on the link to their website.

Updated:  7 August 2007              Editor:  Deborah Shrira