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       Address:                            109 Minus Avenue Ste. C-6
                                                Garden City, Georgia  31418

      Telephone:                        912.965.0999
      Facsimile:                          912.965.9399

      Emergency:                       912.965.0999

      Web Address:                   

      Hours of Operation:             Monday-Friday 05:30-12:00-N(Dosing)
                                                 Saturday    07:00-09:00am (Dosing)
                                                 Sunday ---Closed       

     Admissions:                          Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
                                                  07:30am - 09:00am
                                                  Call for appointment.

      Manager:                             Mildred M. Williams, RN          
:                            Slavo Kukucka, MD

      Daily Fee:                             $12.00
      Intake Fee:                           $61.00
      Transfer Fee:                        $61.00
      Peak and Trough:                 Free
      HIV Testing:                          Free

Directions To This Provider Facility:

Looking for a stable methadone maintenance program?
Do you want to know what to expect each day?  Do you

want to be treated with respect?  Try   G.P.A. !!!! 

       Address:                            4255 Chamblee Tucker Rd
                                                Doraville, Georgia  30340

      Telephone:                        770.493.1922
      Facsimile:                          770.493.8000 
      E-Mail:                               None  Available

      Emergency:                      770.493.1922

     Hours Of Operation:          Dosing  Hours
                                              Monday-Friday        6:00 AM - 11:00 AM
                                              Saturday                 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
                                              Sunday                   Closed

    Counseling:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday    6:00 AM - 01:00 PM   
                         Thursday                                                  6:00 AM - 12:00 PM
                         Saturday                                                  8:00 AM - 11:00 PM  
                         Sunday                                                    Closed  

No one is allowed to be present on clinic property before fifteen minutes before doing hours begin.   

      Admissions:                   Tuesday and Friday (Only)
                                            Call for appointment.

      Manager:                       Nat Nwizu, MA, CAS 
:                      Rudolph Tacoronti M.D.

      Daily Dose:                    $11.00 Liquid $12.00 Disks
      Intake Fee:                    $70.00
      Transfer Fee:                 None
      Peak and Trough:          $50.00
      GC/MS                           $20.00
      Pregnancy Test             $  5.00
      Alcohol Saliva Test       $  2.00
      Oral Drug Screen          $  5.00
      HIV Testing                   None

      Copy/Fax Records       $00.50 per page
      Long Distance Calls    As Charged.
      Returned Check Fee   

A patient who is late to the clinic more than once will pay a fee of $15.00 before dosing that day.      

Directions To This Provider Facility:

Editor's Note:  Highly recommended by many patients and Medical Assisted Treatment of America, Inc.    

       Address:                            6132 Hawkinsville Rd
                                                Macon, Georgia  31216

       Telephone:                       478.788.0066
       Facsimile:                         478.788.3104 
       E-Mail:                              None Available

      Emergency:                       478.788.8220

      Web Address:                    None Available    

      Hours Of Operation:           Monday-Friday 06:30-11:00am (Dosing)
                                                Saturday 09:00-10:00am (Dosing


      Admissions:                        Monday and Thursday (Only)
                                                 Appointment only!

      Manager:                           Stacey Pearce, BS, CAS 
      Physician:                          Cornell Peters, MD

      Daily Dose:                       $12.00 Liquid $12.00 Disk
      Intake Fee:                       $70.00
      Transfer Fee:                    $70.00
      Peak and Trough:             $60.00
      HIV Testing:                      Free
      Guest Dosing:                   $15.00

      Medicaid:                         Not Accepting.
      Medicare:                         Not Accepting.

Directions To This Provider Clinic:


      Address:                           48-50 Coca-Cola Place SE 
                                              Atlanta, Georgia 30303

      Telephone:                      404.616.3970
      Facsimile:                        404.616.3798

      Emergency:                      404.616.3970

      Web Address:                   None

      Hours Of Operation:          Monday - Saturday Dosing Hours
                                                06:30 - 09:30am
                                                12:00 - 01:00pm
                                                04:30 - 05:00pm
                                               Sundays - Closed

      Admissions:                      Accepting only pregnant women!
                                               All others call for information. 

      Manager:                          Venus Upshaw, RN, MSN  
      Physician:                         Emily Risby, MD

      Daily Dose:                        $3.00
      Intake Fee:                        Free
      Transfer Fee:                     Free
      Peak and Trough:              Free
      HIV Testing:                       Free

Directions To This Provider Facility:

        Address:                              7001 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
                                                   Suite 404 
                                                   Norcross, Georgia 30092

      Telephone:                          770.840.9912
      Facsimile:                            770.840.9115 

      Emergency:                         770.840.9921

      Web Address:                      Click Here

      Hours Of Operation:            Monday-Friday 06:00am-2:00pm (Dosing)
                                                 Saturday  07:00-09:00am (Dosing)
                                                 Sunday (Closed)    

      Admissions:                        Wednesday 07:00am
                                                 Appointments only! Call!

      Manager:                             Joelyn Alfred
      Physician:                            Mrs. James Rogan, MD

     Daily Dose:                            $11.00 
     Intake Fee:                            $95.00
     Transfer Fee:                         $95.00
     Peak and Trough:                  Not Available. 
     HIV Testing:                           $30.00

Directions To This Provider Facility:


       Address:                             664 Lanier Park Drive
                                                 Gainesville, Georgia 30501

      Telephone:                           770.503.7721
      Facsimile:                             770.503.7066

     Emergency:                          770.519.3682

     Web Address:                       NA

     Hours Of Operation:            Monday-Friday 06:00-10:30am (Dosing)
                                                                         12:00-1:00pm  (Dosing)
                                                Saturday           06:00-09:30am(Dosing)  
                                                Sunday (Closed)        

      Admissions:                       Call to schedule appointment!
                                                Monday -Thursday Only--
                                                Appointments start at 07:00am.

      Manager:                          Jerry Scott, Administrator
      Physician:                         Rustin McAlister, MD

     Daily Dose:                         $12.50
     Intake Fee:                         $60.00
     Transfer Fee:                      $60.00
     Peak and Trough:               $20.00
     HIV Testing:                        FREE

Directions To This Provider Facility:

       Address:                    4540 Moseri Rd.    
                                        Decatur, Georgia  30032                                                

      Telephone:                404.289.8223                        
      Facsimile:                  404.289.8224           
     Secondary E-Mail:        

     Web Address:  

    Hours Of Operation:    Monday-Friday  6:00-10:30am
                                       Saturday            8:00-10:30am                                        Sunday               Closed     

    Admissions:                Phone Appointments Only 
                                       Monday-Friday 08:00am-5:00pm

     Manager:                   Joy Moseri, M.B.A.
                                       Chief Operating Officer  

     Physician:                  Dr. John L. Moseri, Addiction Psychiatrist

     Suboxone:                $3,000 for six weeks, which include Medications and 
                                       Counseling. We are accepting new patients.

     Medicaid:                  We accept all insurance except Medicare and Kaiser 

    Daily Dose:               0-100mg methadone = $10.00  Liquid & Diskette
                                     Doses over 100mg = $16.00   Liquid & Diskette              
    Intake Fee:               $50.00                   
    Transfer Fee:           $50.00            
    Peak and Trough:    $50.00     
    HIV Testing:             Free 

    Have Certified Addiction Counselors, RN's, LPN's and Addiction Psychiatrists. 

    Quick, flexible dosing hours in family friendly atmosphere.   

Our patients are important to us !  - - We provide
Roxane® (Lily) Methadone because our patients
have requested it.  We supply strawberry flavored
methadone upon request to patients who have a
problem with the taste.    

Other Programs and Services:

      *  Outpatient Detoxification
      *  Residential Detoxification
      *  Buprenorphine Treatment
      *  28-Day Rehabilitation
      *  Intensive Outpatient
      *  Partial or Day Hospital Services
      *  Psychosocial Rehabilitation
      *  Suboxone Treatment
      *  Psychiatric Services
      *  Counseling Services

Directions To This Provider Facility: 

       Address:                           36 Chateau Court
                                               Rome, Georgia  30161

       Telephone:                      706.233.9603  
       Facsimile:                        706.233.9526

      Emergency:                      706.292.1015

      Web Address:                  None

      Hours Of Operation:        Monday - Saturday Dosing
                                             05:00 - 11:00am
                                             Sunday - Closed

     Admissions:                    Tuesday -Thursdays Only !
                                            Appointments start at 08:00.
                                            Call!  Appointments Only!

      Manager:                       Tika Lewis
:                      Ben Anderson, MD 

     Daily Dose:                    $10.00
     Intake Fee:                    $75.00
     Transfer Fee:                 $15.00
     Peak and Trough:          Not Available-Call if interested.
     HIV Testing:                   Not Available-Call if interested.

Ceiling Dose of 120mg.  If you need
more than 120mg - choose another

 Directions To This Provider Facility:


 Editor:  Deborah Shrira                     Updated:  April 2008

Consider the postage stamp, my son.  It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.  ----Josh Billings