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      Directions:                       1700 Cumberland Point Drive SE
                                              Suite 1 
                                              Marietta, Georgia 30067

     Telephone:                       770.612.8264 
      Facsimile:                        770.612.0716

     Emergency:                     770-612-8264

     Web Address:                   None

    Hours of Operation:          Monday - Friday (Dosing)                                                                            0:530 - 10:30am Only!
                                            Saturday (Dosing)
                                             07:00 - 09:30am Only!  
                                            Sunday (Closed)

      Admissions::                  Call for an appointment.
                                            Open Daily For Admissions. 

      Manager:                        Carolyn Keelaghan          
      Physician:                       Dr. Benjamin Herrera    

     Daily Dose:                       $11.00 
     Weekly Dosing:                $70.00
     Intake Fee:                       $70.00
     Transfer Fee:                    None
     Peak and Trough:             $70.00 
     HIV Testing:                      Free

Directions To This Provider Location:  

        Address:                           1895 Beaver Ridge Circle
                                                 Suite N
                                                 Norcross, Georgia  30071

       Telephone:                         770.248.1616

        Emergency:                       770.248.1616 

        Web Address:                      None

        Hours of Operation:             Monday - Friday (Dosing)
                                                    05:30 - 10:30am (Only)
                                                    Saturday Dosing Only
                                                    06:00 - 08:00am
                                                    Sunday (Closed)

        Dose Pick Up:                      Friday 6:00 AM - 9:30 AM  
        (Take-Homes)                      Saturday  6:00 AM - 8:00 AM

        Patient Intake:                      6:30 AM - 9:30 AM Monday-Friday 
                                                     By appointment or walk-in.

           Manager:                           Mrs. Carolyn Keelaghan            
           Physician:                          Dr.   Y. Ming Zhang M.D., Ph.D.

           Daily Dose:                         $11.00 Daily or
           Weekly Dose:                     $70.00  Prepaid

           Intake Fee:                         $70.00   Transfer Fee $70.00
           Transfer Fee:
                      None (within Atlanta area)
           Peak and Trough:               $70.00

           HIV Test:                             Free

           Annual Physical Exam:       Free
           Urine Fee If Positive:           $10.00
           Urine Fees For Retests Or Retakes:  $10.00
           Late Dosing:                        $20.00 
           Missed Doctor's Appointment:           $25.00

Interested In Saving Some Dollars With Summer On It's Way?
Attention:  All patients with Take-Outs of I Week or More - If
you have CLEAN URINE TESTING there will be no cost for your      
urine tests.  Your weekly fee is only $70.00. - - - -  Give it a try? 

All Fees Are Subject To Change Without Notice.  See Fee Schedule Posted In The Lobby For Any Changes.

Directions To The Provider Location:

       Address:                            2301 University Drive Suite-C
                                                Valdosta, Georgia  31602

      Telephone:                        229.242.4673
      Facsimile:                          229.242.4654

      Emergency:                       229.242.4673

      Web Address:          

      Hours of Operation:           Monday-Friday (Dosing Only)
                                                06:00am - 11:00am
                                                Saturday (Dosing)
                                                07:00am - 09:00am (Dosing Only)
                                                Sunday (Closed) 
                                                Holidays 8:00-9:00am (Dosing Only)

      Admissions:                       Call for appointment only!

      Manager:                            Mr. Allen Folsom 
      Physician:                           Dr.  Smith

      Dosing Fee:                         $14.00 Daily
      Intake Fee:                          Free
      Transfer Fee:                       Free 
      Peak and Trough:                $30.00
      HIV Test:                              Health Department (Free)

      Dose Reassessment Fee For Absences:
      3 days absent                      $30.00
      4 days absent                      $60.00

      Yearly Physical Exam:        Free  

      Weekly/Monthly Drug Screen: 
       Urine Drug Screen:               Free      
       Saliva Drug Screen:              $20.00  
       GC/MS Confirmation:            $30.00
      Pregnancy Test                     $15.00   (Additional)  

       Lock Box                               $15.00  
       Court Appearances:               $75.00
       Guest Dosing:                        $14.00  Dosing Fee
       One time Admission Fee:      $25.00 Guest Dosing     

Directions To Provider Facility:

For more detailed directions please check out the information at:

       Address:                            1221 New Berg Street
                                                 Macon, Georgia  31602

      Telephone:                         478.788.5600
      Facsimile:                           478.788.5660 
      E-Mail:                                None

      Emergency:                        478.788.5600

      Web Address:                     None

      Hours of Operation:            Monday - Friday (Dosing Only)
                                                 6:30- 11:00 AM
                                                 Saturday (Dosing Only)
                                                 7:00 - 09:00 AM  
                                                 Sunday (Closed)

      Admissions:                        Call for appointment.

      Manager:                            Karine Allegne
      Physician:                           R. McCard M.D.  

      Dosing Fee:                        $11.00 Daily (Liquid Only)
      Intake Fee:                         $60.00
      Transfer Fee:                      $60.00
      Peak and Trough:             
      HIV Test:  
      Guest Dosing:                     $25.00  

      Medicaid:                            Not Accepted.
      Medicare:                            Not Accepted.

     Directions To This Provider Location:     

       Address:                           1670 Clairmont Road
                                                Decatur, Georgia 30067

      Telephone:                        404-321.6111
      Facsimile:                          None
      E-Mail:                               None

     Emergency:                        None

     Web Address:                     None

     Hours of Operation:           Monday-Friday (Dosing)
                                               05:30-09:00am  12:30-01:30pm Only!                                                  Saturday (Dosing)                            
                                               08:00-10:00am Only! 
                                              Sunday (Closed)

     Admissions:                       Accepting Only Veterans.
                                               Presently accepting new patients.
                                               Call for information if interested.

     Manager:                           Jennifer Casarella
     Physician:                          Dr. Karen Drexler

Direction To this Provider Facility:

Updated: April 2009

If you discover any wrong phone numbers, prices, links not working or any errors we overlooked, please report them to We like to provide only the best service for you because we value each and everyone of you that visit us.