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 Violates HIPAA Regulations.
 Cut doses in half. Is it medically sane?
 Dose increases are very hard to get.
 Owned by CRC Health Group. Beware! 

    Address:                           218 Stonewall Street 
                                            Cartersville, Georgia  30120

    Telephone:                      770.386.1907
    Facsimile:                        770.386.7345
:                             None

    Emergency:                      678.431.2698

    Web Address:                   CLICK HERE

    Hours of Operation:          Monday - Friday 05:00am - 11:00am (Dosing) 
                                             Saturday            06:00am - 09:00am (Dosing) 
                                             Sunday   Closed 

   Note:                                  If you have take-homes then you are penalized! You                                              must wait until 08:00 AM to dose and pick up.  You
                                             can no longer take benzodiazepines if you are on
                                             methadone even with a prescription.

    Admissions:                      Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
                                             Call for appointment.

    Manager:                           Tony Smith, Manager 
    Physician:                          Dr. R.F. Parham

    Daily Dose:                         $12.50 Liquid $13.00 Disks
    Intake Fee:                         $45.00 Man $60.00 Woman
    Transfer Fee:                      $45.00 Man $60.00 Woman
    Peak and Trough:               $50.00
    HIV Testing:                        Free

Directions To This Provider Facility:

Cartersville Center Incorporated is not recommended by Medical Assisted Treat-ment.  We have evidence they removed sheets from a patient's charts. ~ They sent out an original chart on a patient.  Tony Smith, Manager sent the chart out but set the counselor up as being the quilty one. She lost her job because she would not  be party to retaliation against a patient.  I admire her courage in standing up for the truth at all cost.

Dr. Parham has been there for years and I can truthfully say He has no morals.  I would advise all of you to be leary of Him.  Tony Smith, Manager does not have the courage to make his own decisions but rides on Dr. Parham's coat tail because
he has no knowledge at all of methadone.  Please be extremely careful if you must attend because they can turn on you at any time.

    Address:                             217 Arrowhead Blvd Suite B-1
                                              Jonesboro, Georgia  30236

    Telephone:                        770.472.9110
    Facsimile:                          770.472.9717 

    Web Address:                     CLICK HERE

    Hours of Operation:             Monday - Friday 05:30 -11:00am 12-1:30pm (Dosing)
                                                Saturday            07:00am - 09:00am (Dosing)
                                                Sunday              Closed

    Admissions:                         Tuesday  06:00am - 12:00pm
                                                Friday     06:00am - 08:30am

    Manager:                             Ms. Bobbie Bland 
:                            Dr. G. Edward Walker 

    Daily Dose:                           $10.00
    Intake Fee:                           $50.00
    Transfer Fee:                        $50.00
    Peak and Trough:                 Free       
    HIV Testing:                          Free

Directions To This Provider Facility: 


    Address:                            2536 Carrollton -Villa Ricca Hwy  
                                             Carrollton, Georgia  30117      

    Telephone:                       770.214.9788                        
    Facsimile:                         770.214.9803

    Emergency:                      770.214.9788

    Hours of Operation:          Monday - Friday 06:00am - 02:00pm (Dosing)
                                             Saturday            06:00am - 10:00am (Dosing

    Manager:                          Shannon Kelly      
:                         Dr. Alexander Meski

   Daily Dose:                        $12.00
   Intake Fee:                        $50.00
   Transfer Fee:                     $50.00
   Peak and Trough:              $20.00   
   HIV Testing:                        Free             

Directions To This Provider Facility:

       Address:                          734 Hospital Road                                                
                                              Commerce, Georgia 30529

      Telephone:                       706.335.5180
      Facsimile:                         706.335.5217

      Emergency:                       706.424.7454

      Web Address:                    None

      Hours of Operation:           Monday - Friday 06:00am - 02:00pm (Dosing)       
                                                Saturday            06:00am - 11:00am (Dosing)
                                                Sunday              06:00am - 09:00am (Dosing)

      Admissions:                       Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
                                                06:00am - 10:00am (Dosing)
                                                Call for 

      Manager:                      Robin Robinette Rathburn         Physician:                     Donald  Pittard M.D.

      Daily Dose:                        $11.00  Weekly $80.00  Monthly  $300.00
      Intake Fee :                       $55.00 
      Transfer Fee                      $55.00
      Peak and Trough:              Free

Directions To This Provider Facilty:

***Highly recommended by Medical Assisted Treatment of America. 

      Address:                          1710 Commerce Road 
                                              Athens, Georgia  30607

      Telephone:                       706.552.0688
       Facsimile:                        706.546.0689

       Emergency:                     706.548.1155     

      Web Address:                   None

      Hours of Operation:          Monday - Friday 05:30- 10am  12 - 1pm (Dosing)
                                               Saturday   06:00am - 10:00am (Dosing)
                                               Sunday  Closed

       Admissions:                     Days vary, 4 x per week.
                                               Call For Appointment.

        Manager:                        Ali McCorkle
        Physician:                       Dr. David Jarrett

        Daily Dose:                     $11.00
        Intake Fee:                     $40.00 Male $50.00 Female   
        Transfer Fee:                  $25.00 
        Peak and Trough:           $18.00    
        HIV Testing:                    Free

Directions To this Provider Facility:


      Address:                            111 Athens West Parkway
                                                Athens, Georgia  30606

      Telephone:                         404.349.6655
      Facsimile:                           706.208.8665

      Emergency:                        770.256.2492

      Web Address:                    

      Hours of Operation:           Monday - Friday 05:30am - 12:00pm (Dosing)
                                                Saturday            07:00am - 09:00pm (Dosing)  
                                                Sunday              Closed

      Admissions:                        Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
                                                 07:30am - 09:00am
                                                 Call for appointment.   

      Manager:                           Sandra DeBardlabon
      Physician:                          Dr. Alton Davidson      

      Daily Dose:                         $12.00
      Intake Fee:                         $61.00
      Transfer Fee:                      $61.00
      Peak and Trough                Free
      HIV Testing:

Directions To This Provider Clinic: 

       Address:                           2797 Campbellton Road, Suite C-3
                                               Atlanta, Georgia  30311

      Telephone:                      404.349.6655       
      Facsimile:                        404.349.0033
      E-Mail:                              None

      Emergency:                      404.421.1233

      Web Address:                   None

      Hours of Operation:          Monday - Friday 05:30am - 12:00pm (Dosing)
                                               Saturday            07:00am -  09:00am (Dosing)
                                               Sunday              Closed

      Admissions:                      Monday, Wednesday, Thursday  
                                               0730am - 09:00am     
                                               Call for appointment. 

     Manager:                           Sam Tookes
     Physician:                          Dr. G.E. Walker

     Daily Dose:                        $12.00
     Intake Fee:                        $61.00
     Transfer Fee:                     $61.00          
     Peak and Trough:              Free
     HIV Testing:                       Free

Directions To This Facility:

      Address:                            1301 Wynnton Court
                                                Columbus, Georgia 31906

      Telephone:                         706.576.4033
      Facsimile:                           706.576.4230

     Emergency:                         706.576.4033 

     Web Address:                     None

     Hours of Operation:            Monday - Friday 05:30am-12:00pm (Dosing)
                                                Saturday            07:00am- 0900am (Dosing)
                                                Sunday              Closed   

     Admissions:                        Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
                                                07:30am - 9:00am
                                                Call for appointment.

     Manager:                             Robert Tyson
     Physician:                            Dr. Ramesh Kannegenti

     Daily Dose:                           $12.00 
     Intake Fee:                           $61.00
     Transfer Fee:                        $61.00
     Peak and Trough:                 Free    
     HIV Testing:                          Free

Directions To This Provider Clinic:

Editor:  Deborah Shrira                        Updated:  Aprill 2008

Asst. Editor: Dee Black                        Updated: May 2012