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1. One of the most frequently asked questions from most people is where can I find  a Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program?   - Most people are interested in one as close to them as possible. This is a very legitimate question and should be easy to find.

You can find all the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs in Georgia listed under Georgia Opiate Clinics. If you live in Georgia then you are privileged!
It is easy to locate, just look to your left and locate Georgia Opiate Clinics, then you double-click and it takes you to the page where we have all the information
about all the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs located in Georgia.

We provide as much information as possible for our visitors on all Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs located in Georgia.  They are listed in alpha-betical order and we try to keep them updated for your benefit. We not only give you the map and directions on how to get there along with the phone number to call in advance to verify the prices we have.  We give you the hours they are open for new patients and the dosing hours in case you have just started and happen to misplace the information they gave you. 

We tell you what we know about each one.  Some of them take Medicaid then some don't.  Some have Buprenorphine available while others don't but we never let you wonder until you get there. You can check their prices and know if you can afford them and compare them to the others. If we find out they have a dosing cap or only allow 2- weeks take-outs, we  take the time to let you know because they are breaking Federal Regulations.  If they have cameras in their Rest Rooms,
or counselors still accompany you and we find out about it, then we post it for your knowledge to.

We are not saying that most of the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs are not honest but you may find it out in the Pamphlet they give you after you have registered but, then they may not always include it all. Sometimes the way it is written can be deceiving.  We think you should be aware of all we can supply you with before you ever make the phone call to apply. 

It would be nice to offer these amenities for all the Methadone Maintenance Treat -ment Programs  everywhere.  It is one of our long-term goals but it is very tedious 
work to call all of them and acquire the information.  It is almost impossible to get an accurate updated list of all Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs in our country (United States). SAMHSA does possess a Clinic Locator but it is not up-to-date.  We get an updated list from CARF Accreditation Agency every three months and it still not accurate but it is much more up-to-date than SAMHSA's  Locator. 

We realize if you are the parents of a teenager or if you are an adult in withdrawal that is not always easy to try and find what you need and you could need some personal assistance in doing so at times like this. 

We are very pleased to offer you help and we can even make the appointment for you and if you have any questions, we can answer them for you too. We are here for you and have as much time as it requires to answer all your questions and  we have located for you the best Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program to meet your own personal needs. We will see you meet all the requirements  and discuss with you exactly what you can expect. If you cannot afford to call us then we will call you. 

 It is for your own safety and well-being.
We truly care about you and your future.
I opened the website because I did not
like what I seen happening in some of
our Methadone Maintenance Treatment
Facilities.  When I discover information
that possibly could harm you, I do notify
you of it immediatly. Please read carefully 
the material posted.        

We no longer support CRC Health Group. You can see on the map below they are owners of many Methadone Maintenance Treatment Facilities. They are states , for
example, like West Virginia they possess a monopoly on Methadone Treatment
Facilities, (which a monopoly is against the law).

We have been receiving numerous complaints from patients concerning their activities, but when I too experienced it first hand at the one I attend, which is owned by CRC Health Group, I knew I could no longer support, nor recommend their Methadone Maintenance Treatment.  They are not abiding by the laws which govern how they are to be maintained.

"Addiction" as we have been taught is a " Brain Disease."  ~  ~The research clearly supports it.  ~ ~ ~ We have reports of them actually cutting patient 's doses in half and dropping them from coming once monthly,to dosing every day for no reason they could justify.Even if there was sufficient evidence to prove they were diverting their medication, if they had not shown up for their bottle checks and last, but not least, and even if they had dirty urines does not give them the right to treat us like criminals, nor punish  us because we relapse.  If punishment is needed it should  never  be in the form of cutting your dose in half, nor even decreasing the dose.

A disease is a disease!  ~ Do you think they would cut a Diabetic's insulin in half?
What about a person who has high blood pressure?  Yet, what about a patient with serious heart problems?  Absolutely not! Yet, we have a serious disease capable of causing death, yet it is treatable, but not under conditions such as the ones listed above.

Therefore in summing up if you are looking for Methadone Maintenance- I feel as I must warn you, to stay away from facilities owned by CRC health Group because sooner or later , you will encounter pronlems such as I have spoke of.  We are here to help you if you are in one of CRC Heath Group Facilities.  If you have had problems with them in the past, please report them to us. We want to hear all about what is occuring.  I can be reached at :

If you are taking any form of benzodiazepines and attending a CRC Health Group Facility then it is only a matter of time before they confront and give the order for you to stop using them or else suffer the consequences.    

2.  Narcotic Substance -Abuse Treatment Centers

First we will provide you with a list of CRC Health Group Methadone Clinics located in most states.

Map of CRC Health Group Clinics represented by the red dots.


Seven West Virginia
To Be Sold
 25 Oct 2005

Charleston, W.Virginia - Seven of West Virginia's eight methadone clinics are being sold for about $36 million to a firm with interests un various businesses, including Domino's Pizza, FTD Floral and Staples, according to the state Health Care Authority.

Boston -based Bain Capital has agreed to buy CRC Health Group Incorporated of
Cupertino, California, which now owns the clinics, for $720 million.  CRC Health  Group Incorporated operates 90 methadone facilities in 21 states. 

In December 2003, CRC bought National Specialty Clinics Incorporated for about $100 million. - - - - - National Specialty operated 17 clinics in six states, including Beckley, Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Wheeling and Williamson.  The West Virginia Clinics sold for twenty-four million dollars  - - - - - - - -  according to Health Care Authority  documents. 

The entire $720 million transaction is expected to be complete by early 2006.  The West Virginia sale is expected to be complete within two months after the Health Authority approves it, according to a filing document.  

Bain Capital was found in 1984 by Mitt Romney, - - - - -  who is now governor of Massachusetts. The firm has founded, acquired or invested in a wide variety of companies, including Office Depot, KB Toys, Samsonite Luggage, Sealy Mat-tressess, The Fingerhut Catalog and

The business made headlines earlier this year when it offered to buy the entire National Hockey League for $4.3 billion.   

The west Virginia Clinics will be acquired by merging them with CRCA Merger Corporation, whose parent is CRCA Holdings Incorporated of Boston, the docu-ment states. 

A lawyer at CRC Health Group confirmed that the merger is part of the larger national transaction.  CRC owns all of West Virginia's methadone clinics except the one in Martinsburg. 

Methadone is a synthetic narcotic used to treat people addicted to opium-based drugs such as heroin, morphine and Oxycontin and wean them off those drugs. 

Boston.Com       -          Copyright 2005 The New York Times  -  25 Oct 2005

3. Narcotic Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
    State of California

I must say I am prejudiced because if I lived in California, I would defintely choose Aegis.  I personally met and worked with the owner, Mr. Udi Barkai while he was restoring a high-rise in Georgia.  He first heard of methadone from me but I never knew how serious He was concerning opening Methadone Maintenance Treatment
Programs until I found out years later after He returned back to California, He had pursued his interest in them. 

We have talked and He has supported our Methadone Advocacy in every way He could.  He allowed us to hook up to his bandwidth for the movies we offer and we would like to take a moment to personally thank him for granting us the privilege. If you are looking for one in California and live in the area where you can attend his, then I  challenge you to check his out. You will  be pleasantly surprised to find out how superior they are to others.   


Map of California -Aegis Clinics represented by blue dots.

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Click Here

 If you are looking for a Drug-Free Rehabilitation Program you can locate one by clicking on the link below.  If you have tried Drug-Free Rehabilitation and it has not worked for you, then maybe it is time to start checking out "another kind of program"  ~ ~ and you will find those listed, Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs, along with Drug-Free Rehabilitation Programs.  Click Below.


 Written and Compiled by: Deborah Shrira    Updated: 27 March 2007