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We have  arranged  movies  for  your viewing  pleasure  through Aegis Medical Clinic in California.  I  was privileged to become acquainted with the Owner, Udi Barkai,  years ago in Georgia. I would like to extend my thanks to Him personally, and His very, friendly Staff for all the help they extended us in setting up the video system and for providing the bandwidth.   

I am constructing a new website and we hope to be able to offer you even more of a selection of videos, with a variety of teaching aids to assist all of you in learning the truth about addiction. The problems that patients encounter are replicated in the  community  for active addicts seeking treatment...    The cure for predjudice, which is usually based on ignorance, is education.    

Click on the link and it will take you to the selection

>>>>Aegis Medical Library<<<<<

When you decide which movie you wish
to see-Click on the movie and wait three
minutes for the movie to load.

You do not have to download the movie to watch it.  As I mentioned above just click - and wait a few minutes for you to load.   Please report any movie you find that is not working to the address below:

Deborah Shrira 2008                                           Revised: June 2009 

Updated: Dee Black, Editor                                   June 2012