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 Stop!  Do you have a prescription for the medication?  Is the physician that wrote the prescription aware you are on methadone?  These rules govern you if you are a patient attending a methadone clinic.  Have you supplied your counselor with documentation from the physician?  If not, then you could be in trouble if the medication shows up in your drug test.  Below, I have provided a chart that documents how long most medications remain in the body.

 DETECTION  PERIOD       PLASMA HALF LIFE                                   

*Amphetamine                               *2-4 Days                            *7-34  Hours               *Methamphetamine                        *2-4 Days                            *6-15  Hours  

*Amobarbital                                  *2-4 Days                          *15-40 Hours               *Butabital                                       *2-4 Days                          *35 Hours                  *Pentobarbital                                 *2-4 Days                          *20-30 Hours  *Phenobarbital                                *up to 30days                     *2-6 Days                  *Secobarital                                    *2-4 Days                          *22-29 Hours

*Diazepam (Valium®)                       * up to 30 days                   *21-37 hours        *Chlorodiazepoxide (Librium®)           * up to 30 days                   * 6-27 hours

*Benzoylegonine                               *12-72 hours                       *5-1.5 hours     

 *Casual Use                                     *2-7 days                                        

                                                         *Very short                        * 2-14 hours

                                                           *2-4 days                           *15-55 hours

                                                             *2-4 days                          *20-60 hours 

*Codeine                                                  *2-4 days                         *1.9-3.9 hours     *Hydrocodone                                           *2-4 days                                  4 hours     *Hydromorhone (Dilaudid®)                        *2-4 days                        *1.5-3.8 hours   *Morphine                                                 *2-4 days                        * 1.3-6.7hours *Oxycodone(Oxycontin®)                           *2-4 days                        *     4-6 hours

*7-46 HOURS                                                                                                          

*Casual Use                                          *2-7days                                                 *Chronic Use                                         *up to 30 day

*8-26 HOURS

*Casual Use                                            *2 -7days                                                   *Chronic Use                                           *up to 30 days

*Detection periods vary; rates of metabolism and excretion are different for each drug and user.  Detection periods should be reviewed as estimates. Cases can always be found to contradict these approximations..

**Detection period depends on amount consumed.  Alcohol is is excreted at the rate of approximately 1 ounce/hour,.

 Reference:  San Diego Refertence Laboratory detection.html                                                       


Stay Tuned For More!!!  Lots more of information coming--- Hope all is going great for you and that this year started off with a bang!    Remember,  I care about you, I want to see you happy and enjoying yourself. addiction is a disease. If you relapsed , just brush yourself off and pick your self up, and start again.  You are no failure unless you have quit and given up on life. 

Stop, and remember, you did not ask for the disease, it has been passed to you through generations of sin. All, my precious friend, you can do, is keep fighting. As I told my son,  years ago, about growing up, is expect failure, for you are going to fail, for none of us are perfect,and you are going to make mistakes  but it is how you react to the mistakes that counts. If you just give up and consider yourself a loser, and quit trying---more than likely you will become a loser.  But, if you look at it another way with different insight, and say to yourself, if I never fail, I will never learn.

This failure is but one of life's lessons to you, pick yourself up, be thankful for the experience and learn what you can from it, and know too it will not be the last failure, there will be more, before you attain the success you so richly deserve.  Do not pass judgement on yourself, nor be too critical of the mistake, and if others around start criticizing you and speaking negatively about you--then put some distance between them and you. You need positive friends and people around you, that will love you and support you and never become judgemental of you, nor allow jealousy to creep into the relationship either because you have achieved more than them.  

I'm here for you, sent from above, to let you know there is no shame with your addiction. It is a sickess, a disease that can be overcome , and if you can over-come it without any medication assistancelike methadone or buprenorphine. then I am ecstatic for you.  I ask of you, please do not condemn the remainder  of us who do need assistance with medication. We are here for you, any time, any place, anywhere to help you along life's highway  and remember it is al-ways  how you react to a situation that determines the outcome. If you desire    a different outcome, then give a different reaction to the person or situation in your life.    

Drug testing, you can be sure, is not an exact science. A great number of factors influence testing results. Not all people are alike, nor are the drugs they take alike. Some of the factors that influence test results are: the individual's drug absorption rate, metabolism rate, distribution in the body, excretion rate, drug quantity, drug quality and testing method employed.

Urine testing is probably the most common drug testing procedure used today. Drugs, in order to be detected in the urine must be absorbed, circulated in the blood and deposited in the bladder. This process takes approximately three hours for most drugs--except alcohol--- which can take only 30 minutes. Thus, an individual who was tested just 15 or 20 minutes after using drugs would probably (but not always) test negative unless he was a chronic user who would have identifiable drug residue in his/her urine at all times. Chronic users of marijuana, for example, may test positive for marijuana use several months after use of the drug.

Research conducted by Dr. Werner Baumgartner at the Janus Institute in Los Angeles indicates that human hair cells may be a more practical and accurate way to test for drug use. The chemical properties of most drugs are absorbed and stored in human hair cells for months, possibly even decades after drug use. Keeping in mind that hair grows at a constant rate for most people, perhaps then, hair cut close to the scalp could give a fairly accurate history of drug use for a period of six months. Shampooing, excessive sun and bleach do not appear to have any effect on testing results. Look for an increase in hair analysis drug testing.
   (   To access URL ---Click below

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one is


This is the most widely used test by employers because of its low cost.  More than 95% of employers use this as an initial test.   Manufactured  by  the  Syva company, its accuracy  is so suspect that the company itself recommends a more refined GC/MS test to confirm positive results. Because many employers don't want to spend the $100 to $150 dollars charged for the GC/MS, employees have been fired on the results of the EMIT test alone. Courts have ruled that repetition of the EMIT test does not constitute confirmation of a positive drug finding.                                                

This test does not measure drugs in the urine directly. Rather, a reagent is added to the urine sample to bind with the metabolite of the drug being searched for. Then a second reagent is added to decrease the enzyme activity of the first. The result is read by a light sensing instrument which measures the photometric spectrum. The problem is reagents combine with substances similar to drug metabolites. Hence Advil, Sinex or other medicines may be similar enough to certain illegal drugs to cause a positive reaction.


This test is somewhat more sophisticated and more expensive than the EMIT test. Produced by Roche Diagnostics, Inc. under the name Abuscreen, this test is occasionally used by the armed forces. This more complicated procedure involves adding a radioactive antigen to the sample of urine and analyzing it by a machine. Mistakes come from poor calibration. The manufacturer states "a positive test result should be confirmed by a...GC/MS ".


This stands for thin layer chromatography.   The procedure involves adding solvent to urine to extract drugs and then comparing color spots on a TLC plate to that of a standard.   TLC relies on the subjective judgment of a technician and requires considerable skill and training.   False positives result from misinterpre-tations. It is not widely used.


Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. In this, the most sophisticated test, a sample of urine is injected into the machine. The urine separates as it travels from the injection port to the detector and as the sample emerges from the gas chromatograph, it is ionized by electron bombardment. The resulting positive ion mass fragments are read by the mass spectrometer. The results are produced on a computer print out.

While in theory the GC/MS test is excellent, in practice, errors creep in. Temperature, pressure, and storage time of samples must be rigidly controlled. Expensive environmental controls and immaculate cleaning practices must be observed. Too often, commercial labs have an economic incentive to rush testing, cleaning and maintenance. Mistakes most commonly happen when the highly sensitive machine is not thoroughly cleaned. Your sample could easily be contaminated by small traces from the previous urine sample.

Bobby Gladd a respected laboratory quality assurance analyst reports documentation of false reports of GC/MS tests in the environmental field. Researcher Gladd believes that many results could be challenged in court for faulty procedure. For those considering a legal challenge to false reports Gladd's firm might be for hire. His number appears under "useful Numbers".

Hair and Saliva Tests

Hair and saliva tests have received considerable publicity. In theory a snippet of hair near the nape of your neck could indicate illegal drug usage for the last several months. The accuracy of these tests has not been determined. The cost of hair tests and saliva tests have been prohibitive. Because employers are sticking with the inexpensive EMIT test, these tests have not been adopted and are not a matter of concern at the present.

Automated Tests

Both the EM/2 and the FIT tests represent the next generation if tests which measure the rapid eye movement of the pupil. The makers claim a "97%" accuracy rate. This means 3,000 out of every hundred thousand workers would be falsely fired from their job. Problems with eye or nerve abnormalities raise questions about test accuracy. Makers claim they could video each test to guarantee its validity which raises difficult "chain of custody" issues.

The SEDI Test

The Sedi test relies on 200 computer generated questions concerning rapidly changing numbers. The employee must spot numbers outside a given range. This is an impairment test. Fatigue, emotional distractions, and even caffeine might create failures. Currently none of these factors are illegal in the work place. The ONLINE assay utilizing a micropartical technology claims a better than 98% accuracy rate. While these tests are pushed by various manufacturers, high cost remains a prohibitive factor. As we all know automated systems, like check outs in the super market, are constantly plaguedby errors. This automated technology suggests giving   the employer constant, daily, twice a day, or more !, surveillance over employees.

Overall Testing Problems

As drug testing has become a growth industry many "labs" which are nothing more than marketing firms have sprung up. While Federal jobs require the use of NIDA certified labs, private employers can choose whomever offers the best price.
In practice, control of samples is often careless. There are numerous cases of samples being mislabeled or mixed up. Increasingly, employers are not showing workers their actual lab reports. Without a lab report you might never know if a careful chain of custody was recorded. You could be the victim of another person's urine sample, as was heavyweight champion, Bone Crusher Smith. Smith's reputation was blackened by a positive drug test after his title fight with Mike Tyson. Almost a week later, an investigation reported that Smith's sample had been mixed up with that of another fighter. The mistake received little press play. If this happened to a celebrated heavyweight title fighter, what mistakes are made with the average working person.

Many employees of local labs are ill-paid and poorly trained. Sanitation and maintenance standards are left up to the lab. Restaurant kitchens are more closely inspected than these laboratories which issue test results that cost people their jobs, their standing in the community, and their self respect.

Void Where Prohibited

1. Goldenseal. Herbal Gram #21 debunks the Goldenseal myth. It reports Pharm Chem labs tested Goldenseal on codeine users and found the herb didn't interfere with readings. In the racing industry Goldenseal was tested on horses to mask the pain killer, morphine. It didn't work. Nor did it work in Byrd Labs tests.

2. Test Free - This powder is mixed with water and consumed like Tang. The product itself, reported to be primarily fruit pectin, did little without the large consumption of water. Fruit pectin is available in the Supermarket for making jams and jellies. In these products Zinc Sulfate is often added. The theory behind this powder is to divert metabolites into the bowels which eliminate twice the metabolite level as the bladder.
A careful evaluation by a University laboratory in a blind study failed to confirm the products effectiveness. California NORML in its Guide to Urine Drug Testing reports: "It has been suggested that drug use might be masked by ingesting certain substances so as to alter body chemistry. Unfortunately, this approach has not been born out by scientific investigations." The Guide goes on to conclude: "Independent experiments suggest it may be water dilution, not the screen itself, that has accounted for success. Byrd Labs conclusion is similar - DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

3. Nature Klean & Other Teas - High priced name brand teas works as well as diuretic teas listed above. They're available at Health food Stores, at a tenth the cost. California NORML's Guide concurs: "...there is no reason to think this or similar products are any better than other natural diuretics."

4. Visine - A current hot rumor. Byrd Labs has tested Visine in various dosages. Visine DOES NOT work.

5. Niacin. will flush your skin, but in eight tests conducted by Byrd Labs seven proved positive.

6. Human Blood. Human blood has been widely reported, even in scientific literature, as an agent of last resort to create a negative. In six tests conducted by Byrd Labs ranging from three drops to a small eye dropper squirt added to urine samples, all  tested positive. Leave those cuts and scabs alone.

7. Dexatrim. This over the counter diet pill, will not work - in fact it can produce a positive for amphetamines.


Leroy Lord of South Florida was convicted for possession of cocaine. The only evidence - a cocaine contaminated dollar bill that was in Mr. Lord's pocket. The Miami Herald asked prominent citizens, including Jeb Bush, a Catholic archbishop, and Attorney General Janet Reno for sample bills from their wallets. All their bills tested positive. Money sorting machines at the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago were also found contaminated with cocaine. And the Dade county medical examiners office    found 135 bills from 12 banks around the country also contaminated.

Reviewing this evidence Florida's Third District Court of Appeals threw out Mr. Lord's conviction. (Lord v Florida, No. 91-2147).

Written By: Jeffrey Nightbyrd  Researched and Edited By:  Deborah Shrira

Modified:  March 19, 2005